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Global sourcing is fast becoming the way to order the many different items that Guidon Corporation can supply. Items such as coat hooks, handles, standard and special screws, and molded nylon clips, are just a few of the many items Guidon supplies to our customers.

If you have a drawing/sample, sufficient quantity, and some time—Global Sourcing is the way to go for your fastener needs. Global sourcing is a fantastic way to fulfill your fastener needs—any item qualifies!

Send us your inquiries—we will be happy to look them over. If we have any questions we will contact you. Guidon also does yearly blanket orders on any item with a firm commitment.


Self-clinching nuts


Self-clinching flush nuts



Self-clinching floating nuts



Nuts sicken into spring



Flush-Head Self-Clinching Stud



Self-clinching hexagon nuts



Expanding assembly nuts



Crown screw



Panel screws



Retractable screws



Panel Fasteners



Joint fasteners



Miniature fasteners



Subassembly of panel screws



Self-clinching screws



Self-clinching high strength screws



Light Duty Slides



Medium Duty Slides



Heavy Duty Slides



Flush Mounted Self-Clinching Pilot Pins



Self-Clinching Self-Locking Fastener



Blind fasteners



Fasteners used on PC board



Dormant bolts



Slotted clinching bolts



Carrying studs






Anchor studs



Positioning bearing studs